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17 Football Players Who Were Already Rich Before They Turned Pro


17 Football Players Who Were Already Rich Before They Turned Pro

It is a classic story of the street footballer who became a football icon. CR7 grew up in poor conditions before becoming a rich football player. But not all pros did it like that. Because these 17 football stars were already rich before they became professionals. 

We portray former and current stars, who had actually made it in life before their football career. Usually, because the oldies had decent income. As far as assets are concerned, numbers 1 – 3 belonged to the super-rich class early in their life. In our list can also be found two Germans, who did not suffer in their youth. And in such biographies relativizes the view that football is a typical “rags-to-riches” sport.

Many successful players rose from modest backgrounds. And the media and fans alike love such stories.From the slums, or at least from poor conditions via the football directly into the residential area of ​​Europe – so not every success story is knitted.Players like Diego Costa, Neymar, Robinho and Samuel Eto'o are examples of such an ascent. But besides, there are also the sons of rich or middle-class house, who had so much energy and love for their sport that they made it to the very top although, they did not football to survive. And these stories are worth telling.Some of these “rich kids” who made it, are characterized by a special attitude.

A rather humble attitude. Little showy, no diamonds, no boss man attitude. Others correspond to the stereotype of the spoiled football young man from a good family. Here are our 17 football stars who were already rich before becoming professionals. They had almost everything but wanted more. Something completely different. No job at Goldman Sachs or KPMG but the crowd celebrated them in the stadium.Gerard Pique actually has everything to justify his inclusion as a rich football player in this article. He plays for Barcelona, is married to Shakira, and they are really successful.

Pique started life on the sunny side. Pique's father, Joan Pique, is a successful lawyer and businessman. His mother, Montserrat Pique, is the director of a well-known hospital in Barcelona. The hospital specializes in the treatment of spinal injuries.

Pique's grandfather, Amador Bernabeu, was the director of FC Barcelona. He was not an employee of Real Madrid, as people think.

Piqué had a good starting point. But he had to do it alone with Barcelona. Just like the marriage with Shakira.The Chelsea legend had to work hard to maintain the legendary status of the Blues on the pitch. In terms of money, he was already a rich football player before the English midfielder moved to Chelsea from West Ham. Because Frank Lampard had a good start. An upper class start. And for the senior. And the uncle helped him nurture his football career.

Frank Lampard Senior, a good left-back at West Ham United, had put some money behind the private firewall. Harry Redknapp, one of England's most successful and well-known coaches and managers, is Frank Lampard’s maternal uncle. That makes his start into the football career a bit easier.

Lampard Junior went to a prestigious private school – the Brentwood School in Essex. There he made it to the 11 GCSE. After that, he went to West Ham before joing the Blues. In 2016 he ended his career in the USA – in New York. The expectations are high that at some point he will probably be manager at the blues. Unless Jose Mourinho returns and Abramovitch tries again with the Portuguese.

But since Mourinho is no longer the “Special One”, the chances for Lampard look good. But will he be as successful as he was when a player?Diego Maradona is one of the best and rich football players of all time. His son is an example that descent is not enough to make it to the top. Especially not if your own father does not want to recognize the offspring as a son. Although the matter is clear.

While Diego was playing for the SSC Naples from time to time he took one or the other nose too much; he had an affair with Cristiana Sinagra, a Neapolitan. The relationship led to the birth of Diego Junior in 1986. The superstar refused to recognize paternity. And that for more than 30 years until the Argentine pope intervened. Not a nice move from Diego Senior.

Just like his father, Diego Jr. was drawn to football. He played for Cervia in the 5th league of Italy. He also tried as a professional beach football player for Naples ASD and Mare di Roma. But the success was missing, the support and recognition from the father too. Maybe that was one of the reasons he wasn’t successful. Sometimes, it can happen that way..

After nearly 30 years Diego Maradona senior at the end of 2016, however, recognized the paternity for Diego Maradona junior. Pope Francis is said to have tried more intensively to persuade the football legend.
The Argentine daily La Nación reported that Pope Francis even explicitly requested Maradona to recognize paternity for an illegitimate child in the public. Diego junior gushed after the encounter on television, he was “Finally happy, happy, happy” and had oneXabi Alonso has an older brother named Mikel Alonso and their father is Periko Alonso. The father provided a reasonable income for the Alonso family. 

Because he kept his money together and had brought something at the end of his career properly behind the private firewall. The result: Headstart on happiness and everywhere only “tailwinds”.

The former midfielder played for Real Sociedad and Barcelona and then became manager. He won 20 caps for Spain. He resigned after the disappointing appearance of the Spaniards at the 1982 World Cup. Periko Alonso won 2 LaLiga titles – 1 title with Sociedad and 1 title with Barcelona. There was the footballing success of Xabi outlined. Nobody helped Xabi.

He had to do it all by himself. And he did it –earned world champion with Spain, UCL winner, LaLiga championships, German champion, German cup winner. And by his mid-30s he was still an international superstar, and had a lot of style.The former best footballer in the world left his career in the United States.  Ricardo Izecson dos Santos gained the stage name Kaka. How did he come to this? Because his younger brother, Toddler Ricardo pronounced his name as Kaka.

Kaka’s football career is special in that he does not come from a poor family like many Brazilian superstars. Kaka is also not from one of the super-rich but rather from the upper middle class and is therefore rightly regarded as a rich football player. His father, Bosco Izecson Pereira Leite, was an engineer. His mother, Simone dos Santos, was a teacher. Kaka is a staunch Christian and attributes his success directly to God. A spinal fracture at the age of 18 seemed to mark the end of Kaka’s football career. But Kaka recovered completely contrary to the predictions of the doctors. This led the player back to believing in divine intervention. Kaka is an evangelical Christian.

He contradicted a public statement from supermodel Gisèle Bündchen a few years ago, announcing that he and his wife were virgins at the time of their marriage. In an interview with the Italian edition of the Vanity Fair, the football idol told that he and his wife Caroline were looking up to their wedding, and that “This time was important because she has tested our love.”

There was a time when Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus also said something similar. Not with the successful marriage but with the wait. The two were still in puberty. For the Brazilian, it's not a marketing stunt that makes a career, but attitude and conviction.
Gianluca Vialli had a good start. He knew money worries only by hearsay. And cramped housing conditions, defaulting rent payments and noisy or rioting tenants were close to the home, where Vialli certainly did not grow up. For all the more noblesse and some chic cars in the garage.

All the more noteworthy that he absolutely wanted to, and became a football star. Gianluca Vialli belonged to the category of Italian superstorm and played for Cremonese, Sampdoria, and Juventus. At Sampdoria, he played with his youth friend Roberto Mancini the “Goal Twins”. Later, he also played at Chelsea London before later becoming a player-coach at the Blues. He won 5 titles with the Londoners.

As Chelsea manager, Vialli won the FA Cup, the League Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, the UEFA Cup Winner's Cup and the Community Shield. He also won 2 Series A titles and the Champions League title in Italy. Vialli grew up super rich and was raised by his father, a self-made millionaire

His domicile – a castle with 60 rooms, was the Castello di Belgioioso in Cremona. However, he had to share with 4 siblings. Vialli is a member of the Posh Group in international football. He plays golf and has a special liking for the Alfred Dunhill Championship Pro-AM event.Ahmed Hossam, called Mido, was once one of the most famous Egyptians since the pyramids and biblical times. The Egyptian striker was regarded as a top prospect during his time in the early 21st century. Not many know, however, that he was also a very rich football player

Since he played for Ajax Amsterdam and was referred to as ‘King of Cairo', ‘Prince of the Nile' and ‘Bubi Pharaoh'. He left school early and preferred to play football. That was not so surprising because his father, Hossam Wasfi, was himself a footballer and later prospered with a travel company.

Mido had the talent. But he did not have the necessary attitude. Unlike one of his famous teammates. Because at Ajax he played with Zlatan Ibrahimovic forming a formidable strike duo. But while the Swede, who had a very difficult and complicated youth, he had the necessary discipline and seriousness, the Egyptian lacked exactly these two qualities.

He had somehow not inherited the “I bite myself through gene”. At some point he had to fight with his various football stations again and again over weight problems. Nevertheless – Mido won some titles in Holland and became Africa’s champion with Egypt. His career ended in 2012 with FC Barnsley in England. Not exactly a grandiose end to a career that could have been completely different.Ciprian Marica was considered one of Romania's most talented players. When he was at his peak, he was linked to ManU for a very short time and compared to Wayne Rooney.

It was around the year 2005. Marica played for Dinamo Bucharest, Shakhtar Donetsk, VfB Stuttgart and Schalke 04. He was twice Master in Romania and twice Master with Donetsk. His father, Mircea Marica, is a wealthy businessman who gave his son a fat sports car for his 18th birthday.

In the “early days” of his career, Marica was not quite as accurate with an ascetic lifestyle. That changed at some point and Marica proved in the course of his career that one could rely on him. He came to 72 caps for Romania and scored 25 goals. Chapeau!

Marica had his first outing for the Romanian national football team at the age of 18 years on 16 November 2003 against Italy. At the end of May 2011, Coach Răzvan Lucescu appointed him as the team captain, succeeding Cristian Chivu. However, Lucescu's successor, Victor Piţurcă, then opted for Răzvan Raţ as the captain. From 2014 he played no A-internationals for Romania anymore.Shaun Wright-Phillips was not born rich. He grew up to become a rich football player. Because he was richly adopted. From former Arsenal striker Ian Wright. Shaun was already 3 years old. Incidentally, the striker was only 19 years old at the time of adoption.

Shaun Wright-Phillips was always considered the upcoming superstar, but never made it to the top. He played for both Nottingham Forest and Chelsea. Wright Phillips came to 36 caps for England, scoring 6 goals. In 2008, it went back to Manchester City. From then on it went downhill. Man City sold him to Queens Park Rangers due to a lack of performance, where he played until 2012. Then it went to the US to the New York Red Bulls.

Meanwhile, he plays with Phoenix Rising in the 2nd US League. His debut for the English national football team gave Wright-Phillips on 18 August 2004 against Ukraine and shot it as a substitute in the second half a goal.

He then sporadically received further calls to the English selection during the qualifying matches for the 2006 World Cup, but after a prolonged crisis of form and the low number of Chelsea in his application, he was denied the nomination in the World Cup squad. In the two qualifiers for the Euro 2008 against Macedonia and Croatia, he came on the right wing position for use. After the good start to the season 2007/08 in the club, he was then called back to the friendly against Germany and finally came on in the second half of the game. Although England lost 2-1 to the game, Wright-Phillips impressed with a good performance and was named Best Man (“Man of the Match”). This earned him a place in the starting XI against Israel on 8 September 2007, where he scored his second international goal and was voted the best player again after a 3-0 win.
The last name says it all. Al-Saadi Gaddafi is the son of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. More specifically, he is the son of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the former head of state and revolutionary leader of Libya and his second wife Safaja Farkash.

A way as a footballer was certainly not laid in the cradle. The son of Muammar al-Gaddafi wanted to get away from his father, probably also away from his country. That is understandable. Even if he enjoyed a lot of privileges. Gaddafi usually played in the attacking midfield and was for a long time the captain of Al-Ittihad in Libya. He also ran for Alahly Tripoli and had already signed a contract with FC Birkirkara in Malta. But then the change broke. For the season 2003/04 Gaddafi moved to the Italian Serie A to AC Perugia. The club went down in history as the first European professional club, which had the son of a (de facto) head of state in the squad.

On October 5, 2003, he tested positive for doping and suspended for three months. His only league game for Perugia, he played on 2 May 2004 against Juventus Turin, when he came in the 75th minute for Jay Bothroyd into the game. At the beginning of the season 2005/06 he signed a contract with the first division Udinese Calcio. But even here, it was not any better for Gaddafi. On 7 May 2005, the match against Cagliari Calcio, in which he came into play in the 79th minute for Barreto, was his last in Serie A. After the season, he left the club again and played first at Al-Jamahiriyah. In January 2007, he joined Sampdoria Genoa as a midfielder.Until June of the same year, however, he played no game for the  Blucerchiati , which he then left again. As-Saadi al-Gaddafi also played for the Libyan national team. As the then Italian coach of Libya, Francesco Scoglio, Gaddafi for sporting reasons was on the bench, and later was dismissed by the Libyan Football Association.

Gaddafi has been voted Libyan Footballer of the Year several times, including in 2001, 2002 and 2003. The political and financial influence of his father allowed him not only a special treatment in the home – for example, deliberate referee wrong decisions in favor of his club Al-Ittihad – but also his professional engagements in Italy. He also had Diego Maradona as a personal trainer and consultant. But that did not help. Money cannot buy talent. Especially when various drug tests came out with the wrong result.

Hugo Lloris is the team captain of the Tottenham Hotspur and the French national team. He is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. And he is also one of the rich football players.

However, he is not as good as Manuel Neuer, Gianluigi Buffon or David de Gea. Better than the English goalkeepers in the Premier League – he creates easily. But it's not that hard.

Lloris grew up as the son of an upper-class family in Nice. His mother was a lawyer. His father was a banker. At first the Frenchman played tennis and he was quite successful. But at the age of 13 Hugo wanted to play football and the career took its course. However, life was not always easy for Lloris.

When the player was offered the usual mourning period, he declined and played the next game two days later. You can see how you want it.

Marcelo Bielsa is better known as a manager and not as a footballer. The reason? He was already 25 years old and finished his career as a player. Bielsa played only in his native Argentina.

Bielsa comes from a very rich family of lawyers and politicians. Juristerei or stock market but were not for the scion and so he decided to pursue the football career.

As a rich football player, he started his career as a defender at the Newell's Old Boys , before he got into coaching and went to Europe, where he celebrated the greatest successes.

Bielsa is considered difficult as a character. Example: He quit his job at Marseille and went to Lazio in 2016. Eight days later he went to Rome. Insurmountable disagreements. But he probably has no money worries.

Mario Goetze did not grow up in modest circumstances and justifies his inclusion in this article as a rich football player. The reason? His father Jürgen Goetze.

Goetze joined Borussia Dotmund at the age of 8 years. His footballing career was actively promoted by the father.

Jürgen Goetze (Prof. Dr. Ing.) is a professor at the Technical University in Dortmund.

In the 1990s he was also a researcher at the Computer Science Department of Yale University in the USA.

The Dutchman disappointed many people as he left London for Manchester and moved to Man Utd.

And the pain did not diminish. Van Persie won the Premier League three times after trying for eight years without success in London.

As a teenager, van Persie was more of a problem child. At least as far as the school was concerned. His absences were legendary. His father, Bob van Persie, is a well-known sculptor. His mother is a painter and designer

His parents separated when van Persie was still relatively young. He grew up with his father. Despite the artistic influence of his parents, Robin preferred football. His parents supported the decision.

Oliver Bierhoff grew up very rich. Bierhoff played internationally for AC Milan, Udinese, Ascoli and Monaco. In the Bundesliga he played for HSV and Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Bierhoff won the Serie A with Milan and shot Germany to European champion in 1996.

His father, Dr. Rolf Bierhoff was a doctor of engineering and manager. He belonged to the board of directors of RWE, the big Essener energy supplier, who was swimming in the money at that time. 

Rolf Bierhoff was goalkeeper at the SG Düren 99, was in the gate of the national team, Sepp Herberger  has probably still observed him. And he would have liked to become a professional player, but the father said, “My son does not play football for money.” Rolf then allowed his son's footballing career.

‘Super Mario' Balotelli is one of the most controversial characters in international football.

Balotelli was born in Palermo, the son of immigrants from Ghana named Thomas and Rose Barwuah. He was adopted by Francesco and Silvio Balotelli because his parents were too poor to pay for his education. The Balotellis were rich,  lived in a bourgeois district of Brescia called Concesio and so Balotelli became one of the rich football players. 

The biological parents wanted their son back after they had found their way in Italy. And initially, only a 1-year old foster parent was agreed.

But the Balotellis did not want to return Mario. And they could afford expensive lawyers. Somewhere Balotelli took the name of the “new parents”, his birth parents were disappointed.

Andrea Pirlo played for Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus.

It would be an understatement to call Pirlo a rich football player. That's because he belongs to the family which had millions in wealth even before Pirlo kicked a ball for AC Milan.

His father, Luigi Pirlo, owns a steel company founded in 1982 in Brescia.

Andrea holds shares in the company. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row] [/ vc_section]

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