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Average age of Premier League squads revealed – Arsenal youngest, Burnley oldest

Average age of Premier League squads revealed – Arsenal youngest, Burnley oldest

Arsenal have the youngest team in the Premier League whereas Burnley contain more 30-year-olds than any other side, as per the average age of every Premier League side which is revealed by the Sun

Having signing a plethora of young attacking talent in the recently concluded summer transfer window, the Gunners now have the youngest squad of any team in the Premier League with an average age of 25.1 years at the time of writing.

Burnley, meanwhile, sit on the opposite end of the spectrum. With players like Ashley Barnes and Jay Rodriguez populating their squad, the Clarets have the oldest squad in the division with an average age of just under 29 years.

Surprisingly, Liverpool, who boast of their strategy of signing young attacking talent from outside and promoting youth from inside, do not even fall in the top 10 teams. Instead, the Reds currently have the 4th oldest squad in the division.

Similar is the case with the current Premier League champions. While Pep Guardiola has spent plenty of money to energize the squad which he inherited from Manuel Pellegrini, the Spaniard still holds a squad with an average age of 27.3 years.As per the graphic published by English newspaper The Sun, following is the average age of every Premier League side taking part in the 2019/20 season. 

While the graphic does throw some surprises in the shape of both Liverpool and Manchester City ranking in the bottom half, the inclusion of both Wolves as well as Southampton among the top 6 youngest squads in the league shouldn't come as a shock.

Even before they were promoted to the Premier League two seasons ago, Wolves, under the tutelage of their new ownership, implemented a transfer strategy which revolved around bringing the best young talent from abroad.

Hence the reason why the club succeeded in bringing the likes of Ruben Neves to the Molineux by offering them above-par wages as compared to what other clubs might have paid these players for their services. .

Southampton, however, have the young squad forced on to them. With clubs like Liverpool continuously raiding the St. Mary Stadium for star players over the last few seasons, the Saints have little choice but to field young talent from within their ranks to cover the gaps.Two sets of beliefs have been reinforced with the unveiling of the average age of every Premier League squad for the 2019/20 season.

First, barring one or two anomalies, the teams which have the youngest squad in the divisions tend to regularly finish in the top half of the Premier League, a trend which Premier League pundits have been highlighting over the course of the last few years.

One reason for this might be the fact that with more young and energetic players, teams suffer from few injuries over the course of the season – which is particularly demanding in England compared to the rest of the Europe due to the absence of any winter break.

Second, teams which finish in the bottom half of the Premier League – as well as those which are promoted from the lower leagues – tend to have older squads, as highlighted by the graphic mentioned above.

However, while both these trends hold true, the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City have shown that the abovementioned trends aren't always true. Despite being ranked in the bottom half of this table, both these squads went the last whole season almost unbeaten. Therefore, it could be argued that to have a squad which could challenge for the league title, clubs need a mix of youth and experience within their ranks.

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