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BAYERN MUNICH – CLUB PROFILE AND TEAM STATS, player salaries, biggest successes, biggest defeats, cash, crimes, formtable

FC Bayern Munich (FCB) were founded on February 27 in 1900. Since then the club has attracted 291,000 members. Bayern Munich are the soccer club with most members in the world. The club was not among the founding members of the Bundesliga in 1963 but has participated in the top German soccer league continuously since being promoted to it in 1965. FC Bayern have won 29 German championships, 19 German Cups and 8 German Super Cups.

They have won 5 UEFA Champions League titles (3 European Champions Cups). Bayern have won the UEFA Cup, the European Cup Winners Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup one time each.

Until the early 70s of the 20th century, Bayern only held position two in Munich trailing their local rival, 1860 Munich, in popularity and success.

Since 2005, Bayern Munich have been playing their matches in the newly-built Allianz Arena in the district Fröttmaning (District 12 Schwabing-Freimann). Bayern Munich are headed by Uli Hoeness, who is president of while chairman of the board is Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. The official name of the football company is FC Bayern München AG. Shareholders are Fußball-Club Bayern München e. V. holding 75,00 % of all outstanding shares and Adidas AG, Allianz SE and Audi AG holding 8,33 % each. The official website (Bayern Munich official website) is

Bayern Munich are famous across Europe for superior financial management. They showed cash and cash equivalents totaling 220 million Euros as of summer 2018. Statista has estimated the market value of the Bayern team at 867.5 million euros as per July 2018. In November 2010, the market value of the squad was just under 300 million Euros. Bayern München player salaries are usually the highest in the Bundesliga.


Bayern Munich - Actual Salaries (Season 2018/19)

RankPlayerSalaries per seasonBornContract until
1Robert Lewandowski€15m 21.08.882021
1Manuel Neuer€15m 27.03.862021
1Thomas Müller€15m 13.09.892021
2James Rodriguez€13m 12.07.912019 (Leihe)
3Thiago Alcantara€11m 11.04.912021
3David Alaba€11m24.06.922021
3Jerome Boateng€11m 03.09.882021
4Mats Hummels €10m 16.12.882021
4Leon Goretzka€10m 06.02.19952022
5Joshua Kimmich€9m 08.02.952023
6Javi Martinez€8m 02.09.882021
6Kingsley Coman€8m 13.06.962023
7Franck Ribery€7m 07.04.832019
7Arjen Robben€7m23.01.842019
8Corentin Tolisso€5m 03.08.942022
8Sandro Wagner €5m 29.11.872020
8Sven Ulreich €5m 03.08.882021
8Rafinha€5m 07.09.852019
9Niklas Süle €4m 03.09.952022
10 Renato Sanches€3m 18.08.972021
Serge Gnabry noch nicht bekannt14.07.952020
Alphonse Davies noch nicht bekannt02.11.2000Vertrag ab 01.01.19


The club is very secretive about salaries paid. The list provided above is from media research and estimates. More information on Bayern Munich salaries is available at Given that the figures are correct the present Bayern players stars have much higher salaries than the former stars.


Bayern Munich - Salaries of former players

RankPlayerSalary per seasonBornLast season
Lothar Matthäus€2.5m21.03.611990/00
Stefan Effenberg€4.5m02.08.682001/02
Oliver Kahn €5.0m 15.06.692007/08
Lukas Podolski€3.0m 04.06.852008/09
Luca Toni €10m 26.05.772009/10
Mark van Bommel€4.0m 22.04.772010/11
Miroslav Klose€7.0m 09.06.782010/11
Toni Kroos€4.5m 04.01.902013/14
Bastian Schweinsteiger€10.0m 01.08.842014/15
Holger Badstuber€4.0m 13.03.892015/16
Mario Götze€12.0m 03.06.922015/16
Tom Starke€1.5m 18.03.812016/17
Xabi Alonso€5.4m 25.11.812016/17
Douglas Costa€7m 14.09.902016/17
Philipp Lahm€10.0m 11.11.832016/17
Arturo Vidal€10.0m 22.05.872017/18

What few people know (5 Bayern disasters and 5 Bayern triumphs)

For the Bayern-Haters

  1. The highest Bundesliga defeat of FC Bayern: FCB lost by 0:7 against Schalke 04 in the 1976/77 season at home (!)! A result that will probably not happen again so soon. Also not bad: Fortuna Düsseldorf won 7:1 against FCB in 1978.
  1. The most surprising comeback in a Bundesliga match against FC Bayern: 1. FC Kaiserslautern were trailing 1:4 in 1973, so “fait accompli”. But the game tilted once more. 7:4 for the Palatinates was the final result!
  1. The most embarrassing turnaround for FC Bayern: In the Champions League final against Manchester United in 1999, ManU turned a 0:1 in injury time and won 2:1.
  1. Stealing the Bundesliga championships from Bayern Munich: Borussia Mönchengladbach did steal 5 championships from FCB in the Bundesliga. One of them on the last matchday. In the 1970/71 season, the Bavarians were ahead of Gladbach before the last match at MSV Duisburg, but they lost 0:2. Gladbach won in Frankfurt with 4:1 and was the first club to defend the championship title in the Bundesliga.
  1. Won and yet lost. The FCB won 5:2 in Frankfurt in the 1994/1995 season, but Giovanni Trapatoni's mistake at the green table converted the result into a 2-0 win for Frankfurt.

The most remarkable seasons in the Bundesliga from Bayern-Hater's point of view were the seasons 1974/1975, 1977/1978 and 1991/1992 as well as 1976/1977. In these seasons, FC Bayern set the following negative records:

Worst placement in the final table:

The FCB was on place of the Bundesliga table at the end of 1977/1978.

Very few scored goals:

57 goals were scored by FC Bayern in 1974/1975 (34 games) followed by 59 goals in 1991/1992 (38 games).

Most goals against:

FCB conceded 64 goals in 1977/1978.

Worst goal difference:

FCB had a goal difference of -6 in 1974/75 (57:63).

Least points scored:

FCB had 32:36 points (34 games) in 1977/1978, 36:40 points (38 games) in 1991/1992.

Least victories:

In 1977/1978, FCB had 11 victories in 34 games and 13 victories in 38 games in 1991/1992.

Most defeats:

FC Bayern lost 15 times in 1991/1992 (38 games) and had 14 defeats in 1974/1975 (34 games).

Worst home record:

This was in 1991/1992, FCB was 14th (out of 20) in the home game table with 21:17 points

Worst away record:

FCB did not win an away game (!) in 1977/1978 and recorded 7:27 points (12th out of 18)

Worst first round and second round:

FCB were 15th in 1977/1978 after the first half of the season with 14:20 points. In the table of the second half of the season of 1991/1992, FCB were 13th with 17:21 points (20 teams), they were 12th in 1976/1977 with 15:19 points (18 teams).


For the FCB Lovers

  1. German championship titles lie in the DNA of the Bavarians: It began in the Bundesliga on May 24, 1969. After a 5-1 victory over Kickers Offenbach, the Bavarians were German Bundesliga champions for the first time. It was the 32nd matchday of the 1968/69 season.
  1. Won in the final match against S04: In 1971/72 FCB played at home on the final matchday against the second-placed FC Schalke 04, which had only one point less on its record. FCB won 5-1 and secured the second Bundesliga championship.
  1. After only 27 match days: FCB became champions in the 2013/14 season under coach Pep Guardiola after the 27th match day, which was the earliest championship in the history of the Bundesliga.
  1. Never before league leaders: On the penultimate matchday of the 1985/86 seasons, FCB and their coach Udo Lattek played against leading champions SV Werder Bremen and went home with a lucky 0:0, because Bremen's Michael Kutzop missed a penalty in the 89th minute. On the last matchday, the Bavarians won 6:0 against Gladbach, at the same time Bremen lost 1:2 to Stuttgart and the Munich team became German champions on goal difference. That was the first, and to date, the only time that a club became champion who had not previously been on top of the Bundesliga table in any of the other 33 match days.
  1. On the last matchday: FCB won the title in 1999/2000 because of the higher goal ratio due to Bayer “Vizekusen” losing 0:2 on the last matchday at Spielvereinigung Unterhaching. One year later, the Bavarians had one point advantage over Schalke 04. It was only in the fifth minute of injury time that Patrik Andersson shot an indirect free-kick in the penalty area to score the 1-1 equalizer for Hamburger SV. Schalke won the match against Unterhaching by 5:3. Schalke would have won the German championship for the first time since 1958 if they FCB had lost to Hamburg.

The most significant success of the club was with manager Jupp Heynckes in 2013. The club won the triple composed of the German national Cup, the German Championship and the UEFA Champions League. Since the 2012/13 season, FCB have won the German championship seven times in a row.

The first international success was winning the European Cup Winners' Competition in 1967. The Bavarians beat the Glasgow Rangers 1-0 after extra time. The decisive goal was not scored by Gerd Müller but by “Bulle” Roth. shows the game in a 2-minute video here.

One of the club’s worst footballing embarrassments included two defeats in the UEFA Champions League. Bayern lost the final of the Champions League 1998 at the Nou Camp Arena of Barcelona against Manchester United. The loss was a result of failure to save a 1-0 lead in the final minutes of the game over time. Almost as embarrassing was the defeat in the Champions League final in the domestic Allianz Arena in 2012 against Chelsea. The Vice-Tripple in 2012 (Runner up in the Bundesliga, loser in the German Cup and UEFA Champions League finals) and is considered to be a low point in the club history.

A story about the 25 biggest successes and defeats of the club can be found here:

An overview of FC Bayern's 25 biggest victories can be found here:

A role model for active resocialization

“FC Bayern are a crime club.” That is what some of the Bayern haters use to say. But it is true – albeit in a completely different way. Because FC Bayern is led mainly by a team of convicted staff. An example of active rehabilitation. 

  1. CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge accepted a penalty order in 2013 for customs offense and paid a fine of 250,000 Euros. Why? He had not declared two luxury watches, which he tried to smuggle to Germany from Qatar. A judge at the District Court in Landshut sentenced him to 140 daily rates. According to FOCUS, the court assumed that Rummenigge has 1.785 Euros at his daily disposal.
  2. El Presidente Uli Hoeness was imprisoned for 21 months for tax evasion. But also the FC Bayern supervisory board in charge at the start of the Bundesliga season 2018/19, was not quite “clean.” It consisted of 9 members, then: Uli Hoeness, Herbert Hainer, Prof. Rupert Stadler, Dr. Ing. Werner Zedelius, Timotheus Höttges, Prof. dr. Dieter Mayer, Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Dr. Theodor Weimer and Prof. Dr. med. Martin Winterkorn. 33% of them had or have problems with the law.
  3. If sentenced to more than 90 daily rates or more than three months imprisonment,  a person is considered to have a criminal record under German law. This applies to Uli Hoeneß, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FC Bayern München AG. The Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the beginning of the 2018/19 season, Prof. Rupert Stadler was remanded in custody in the summer of 2018 because of the “danger of suppression of evidence” and an arrest warrant from the United States had been issued against Supervisory Board member, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, since the launch of “Volkswagen emissions scandal”.

FC Bayern Munich is the German record champion. This is a No Brainer. But here come 20 fun facts of a special kind.

Max Gablonsky – That was the name of the first national player to be provided by the Bavarians. That was in 1910.

None without defeat – No team has managed a Bundesliga season without defeat, yet. FC Bayern Munich came close in 86/87 and 12/13 with only one defeat each.

Bottom-team in the Bundesliga – In the 1974/75 season, FCB Bayern ranked last after the first matchday. The team had lost 6:0 at Kickers Offenbach. In addition, there are 2 placings on a (present) relegation 16th position, namely 1966/67 (8th matchday) and 1977/78 (16th matchday).

The most successful own goal scorers – own goals (Bundesliga, DFB Cup and European Cup collectively)

The most successful own goal scorers come from the golden times of FC Bayern in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century.

Beckenbauer 4

Schwarzenbeck 4

Augenthaler 4

The wine house of Gisela – on February 27, 1900, a meeting of the football department of the MTV Munich took place in the inn “Bäckerhöfl” in Munich. During this meeting, there was a heated dispute about the further development of the football department. Shortly before, the general assembly of MTV had rejected the club's membership in the Association of South German Football Clubs. Shortly after 9 p.m. the club members Ringler, Otto Ludwig Naegele, Zoepffel, Josef Pollack, Fritz Wamsler, Carl Wamsler, Georg Schmid, Paul Francke, Kuno Friederich, Wilhelm Focke, and Franz John left the inn in a rage and consulted each other in the “Wine House at Gisela” in Schwabing. They founded the F.C. Bayern that same night.

A Berliner as the first “Boss” – Among the members mentioned on the founding document was the Sculptor Benno Elkan who was unknown at that time. It was chaired by a Berliner named Franz John. John also became the first chairman in the history of the association.

Blue-White as Club Colors – Blue-White was chosen as club colors, the club's current red color did not appear, at all.

No Bavarians – The founders of the club were not from Munich or Bavaria, mostly but from Berlin, Freiburg, Leipzig, and Bremen.Details are provided on the age of players, games played, minutes played, goals conceded, games with no goal conceded, SUbstitutions yellow cards, red cards, yellow-red cards.  


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