04.07.2020 | Author: AM

Ashley Young Wants To Win Trophies

Ashley Young wants to win trophies with Inter

Ashley Young in an interview with Sky Sport Italia:

“We hope to end the year by winning a trophy. Next year is the future and we want to win now. It’s better if we can do it immediately, that’s our target. We are in the running for both the Scudetto and the Europa League. We have the chance to win at least one trophy. I’m convinced we can conquer them both. There’s the possibility to win in Europe.”

“We are a great team with fantastic players, ready to do our best. We get along off the pitch, that’s an aspect that increases the chances of winning. When the Europa League starts, I’m sure we will play to win. The Italian League is more tactical than the Premier League. It’s a fantastic tournament that I have followed for many years. Coming to Inter was an opportunity, as soon as I heard about the possibility, I replied: ‘Of course, where do I have to sign?’ I was looking forward to starting training with my teammates and playing games.”


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