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Eden Hazard profile

Eden Hazard – One goal every 99 minutes

Maurizio Sarri once suggested that Eden Hazard could become the best player in Europe. “We have spoken and I told him he can score 40 goals,” the former Chelsea coach said in an interview with English tabloid Express. “He has to improve some things, but he can do it.”

Others feel that Hazard is grossly overrated. A very good player who tends to hide becoming elusive in matches that really matter. A player who is missing the “guts”, discipline and attitude to consistently deliver at the same level as CR7 or Lionel Messi.

Hazard arrived at Stamford Bridge from Lille in 2012, and has left Chelsea having bagged six major trophies in seven years, with 110 goals in 352 appearances. Hazard will now nearly double his wages to £400,000 per week at Madrid. Hazard signed a five-year contract to join Real in a deal that could skyrocket to £150million once all bonus payments come into play.

The flat fee hits £100m, with Chelsea more than happy to allow Hazard his big dream come true as the Belgium had just one year left on his Chelsea contract.

Eden Hazard – Player Profile

Eden ‘Michael' Hazard is a 28 year-old Belgian who plays for LA LIGA club Real Madrid. He was born on 7 January 1991 in La Louvière, Belgium to parents both of whom were footballers.

Hazard grew up in a house in Braine-Le-Comte which which located at a distance of only three meters from the nearby football training ground. It is reported that it is here, in the training stadium, that Hazard started playing football in his early years.

Hazard spent the better part of his teenage years playing for various Belgian clubs, before French side Lille snapped him up for their youth squad in 2005.

From then on, the Belgian never looked back as he went on to join the likes of Chelsea and later Real Madrid to cement his status as one of the best Belgian players of his generation.

Eden Hazard – Good to Know

Eden ‘Michael’ Hazard  was born on 7 January 1991 in La Louvière, Belgium to parents Thierry Hazard (father) and Carine Hazard (mother). Both his parents were professional football players who played for respected clubs in their native country.

It is also reported that his mother Carine Hazard was a striker and only stopped playing after she was three-months pregnant with Eden, the oldest of her four children. Still, while she said goodbye to the game, Carine was successful in passing her love for it to all her four children.

As for Hazard’s father Thierry, he was a laid-back defender who spent all of his playing career in the lower leagues of Belgian football. After taking retirement from football, Thierry went into the profession of teaching. After taking retirement from football, Thierry went into the profession of teaching.

Eden Hazard – Professional Career

After starting playing football at the age of four with his hometown club Royal Stade Brainois, Hazard didn’t look back as he conquered one obstacle after the other to make his name as one of the best players in football. He spent eight years at his boyhood club before moving to Tubize, another Belgian club, in 2003. During his time playing for Tubize, Hazard was spotted by a scout of French club Lille, which signed him for their youth squad in 2005.

After representing Lille for three years at the youth level, Hazard signed his first professional contract on 28 May 2007, before making his senior debut for the club in the same year. The 2008/09 season was a breakthrough one for the Belgian as he helped Lille qualify for the Europa League. His stay at the French club stretched across 5 seasons during which Hazard scored 36 goals in 147 appearances for Lille. Afterward, when Chelsea came calling in the summer of 2012, the Belgian made the switch to England for a hefty transfer fee of £32 million.

Hazard’s time at Chelsea was highly successful as he went on to become the club’s 3rd highest goal-scorer in the league. Furthermore, Hazard managed a goal or an assist every 99 minutes and managed more assists than any other Premier League player during his six-year stay at Stamford Bridge. He joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2019 for a transfer fee in the region of $110million plus add-ons. Similar to his club career, Hazard has also been a great servant for his country. Part of Belgium’s golden generation, he has scored 30 and assisted another 28 goals in 102 appearances for his nation. That makes him the 2nd leading goal-scorer in Belgium’s footballing history.

Hazard Wife and Children

Natanna van Hoacker, after the pair tied the knot in April 2012. The couple first fell in love with their first child, Yannis, in December 2010. In addition to supporting his husband, Natacha van Hoacker spends his time traveling, reading and cooking. And while she shares her husband's love for football, Natacha's reports are so very fond of badminton.

The pair had a second son in February 2013 which Leo Hazard. Their third son, Samy, was born in September 2015. In addition to Natacha, all three of Hazard's Sons Could Be Cherished Up Their Dads at Most Home Games for Chelsea.

Hazard Siblings

In addition to Eden, Carine gave birth to three other sons named Thorgan, Kylian and Ethan Hazard. All three are footballers who currently play for various clubs across Europe. Thorgan Hazard, the 2nd eldest behind Eden, currently plays for German club Borussia Monchengladbach. While he was a Chelsea player during his elder brother’s stay in London, Thorgan wasn’t able to make a single appearance for the club as he was constantly shipped out on loans.

Kylian Hazard, 23, hasn’t been able to enjoy the same successes at club level as his elder brothers. Since starting his career with Belgian side White Star Bruxelles in 2013, Kylian has been on the payroll of five clubs, including Chelsea, managing only 7 goals during that time. Ethan Hazard, the youngest of the brothers, is a 15-year-old teenager who has been attracting interest from Chelsea. He currently plays at the junior level for Belgian club AFC Tubize and has showed signs to be as good a player as his eldest brother.

Net Worth

According to an online publication, Eden Hazard’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $100m. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that before signing for Real Madrid in the summer, Hazard used to earn a whopping £230,769 per week in wages from Chelsea.

In addition to his weekly salary, the Belgian playmaker also earns from his sponsorship deals with China’s Sino Sports, Topps, and Biscoff biscuit brand. He is also the poster-boy of the upcoming FIFA 19 game and has a kit deal with football giants Nike. Furthermore, now that he has moved to Spain, Hazard stands a chance to be included in the Forbes’ list of 100 wealthiest athletes in the world, with reports claiming that Real Madrid will pay Hazard a take-home salary of £188,000 per week, which equates to £9.8million-a-year after taxes.

Eden Hazard – Weaknesses, Strengths, Successes and Defeats

The Belgian player is a phenomenon. Premier League defenders can vouch for the fact that Hazard has the ability to change games on his own. Even when he isn’t on the ball – which doesn’t happen very often – the presence of Hazard strikes fear in the opposition defenders.

Still, there is one area in the game of Hazard where he lacks: mental strength. Unlike other players who are compared with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, it seems the Belgian is the only one who doesn’t cherish this comparison.

Consequently, despite being one of the best players for Chelsea for more than half-a-decade, Hazard never managed to score more than 21 goals in the league, which, for a player tipped to be among the world’s best, shouldn’t be seen as enough. The Blues faithful might think of it as harsh, but one glance North at what Salah has done for Liverpool – who took the Premier League by storm since his arrival from AS Roma in 2017, and they might question why Hazard wasn’t able to produce a 30 goal+ season in the Premier League.

Other than that, everything which the Belgian touches has the potential to turn into gold. According to the official Chelsea website, no player completed more take-ons and created more chances than Eden Hazard since his Chelsea debut in August 2012. As a result of his exploits in front of goal, Hazard’s seven-year stay at Chelsea saw the Belgian scoring or assisting a goal every 99 minutes for his side. Therefore, whether it be individual or collective performances, Hazard stood head-and-shoulders above from his Chelsea teammates.

Titles and season

2x Europa League winner

18/19    Europa League  Europa League

12/13    Europa League  Europa League

2x English Champion

2017      Premier League Premier League

2015      Premier League Premier League

1x English FA Cup winner

2018      FA Cup  FA Cup

3x Young player of the year

2014      Premier League Premier League

2010      LOSC Lille            LOSC Lille

2009      LOSC Lille            LOSC Lille

1x English League Cup winner

2015      EFL Cup League Cup

2x World Cup participant

2018      World Cup 2018              World Cup 2018

2014      World Cup 2014              World Cup 2014

1x Euro participant

2016      EURO 2016         EURO 2016

1x World Cup third place

2018      World Cup 2018              World Cup 2018

2x Champions League participant

2014      UEFA Champions League             UEFA Champions League

2013      UEFA Champions League             UEFA Champions League

1x Europa League participant

12/13    Europa League  Europa League

1x French champion

10/11    Ligue 1  Ligue 1

1x French cup winner

10/11    Coupe de France             Coupe de France

Eden Hazard is weak in aerial duels and he lacks discipline in defensive contribution. Mind-wise he is more a goal contributor than a finisher. He has been short of big titles until summer 2019.

Eden Hazard – Fun Facts

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 26: A young Chelsea supporter stands infront of a Eden Hazard poster outside the stadium prior to the Premier League match between Chelsea and AFC Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge on December 26, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

Even though he has a calm demeanor, there has been times when the footballing world was able to see the other side of Eden Hazard.

‘I’m coming’: Most Chelsea fans might remember that it wasn’t the club website which announced the signing of Hazard when he arrived from Lille in August 2012. Instead, it was the Belgian himself who made his move to the Stamford Bridge public by announcing it on Twitter. 

Burger gate: Back in July 2010 when Belgium were playing in Turkey, Hazard was substituted off at the hour mark. After going straight through the tunnel, Hazard went outside the stadium where he was captured eating a burger as the match was being played inside.

Refused French Citizenship: After playing for Lille for over 7 years, Hazard was offered French citizenship by the French government. However, he declined that invitation and went on to represent his native team Belgium at the International level.

Five-a-side-team: Since all his family members are (or were) footballers, Hazard once quipped: “We could have a great five-a-side team,” Hazard said. “My dad still plays. My mum could be manager.”

Eden Hazard religion: There have been lots of rumors regarding the religion of the Belgian – with some unverified reports claiming that Hazard is a Muslim. Still, as far as we can tell, the Real Madrid player has never made public his religious beliefs.

Fan of NBA: Although Drake might be the most famous NBA fan, Eden Hazard also follows the game pretty often. He is a huge fan of New York Knicks after often uses his free time to go to the Madison Square Garden to watch his favorite NBA team.

Predicted World Cup Semi-finalists: Prior to the start of 2018 World Cup, Hazard predicted that Argentina, England, Belgium, and France will make it to the semi-final in Russia. His prediction was 75% true as only Argentina failed to make it to the final four.

Face of FIFA 19: Alongside Liverpool and Holland defender Virgin Van Dijk, Eden Hazard is the face of the FIFA 19 game.

Eden Hazard – OMG

Ball boy incident

During Chelsea’s defeat to Swansea in the Capital One Cup semi-final in 2013, Hazard kicked a ball boy who was appeared to be wasting time. The Belgian, who later apologized to the boy, was shown a red card for the offense.

Although many fans criticized Hazard at that point, it later turned out that the ball boy had planned everything in advance. What’s more, the ball boy was not even scheduled to be in the stadium during that game.

Instead, it was only after a friend of his had called stick that Charlie Morgan, the notorious ball boy, was given the chance to witness the game from the sideline. Afterward, as reported by various media outlets, Morgan took to Twitter to “reveal” that he planned to waste time during the game.

However, since he was a virtual nobody at that time, nobody took him seriously. It was only after Hazard kicked him for not giving the ball – and was sent off for the offense – that football fans traced Morgan’s Twitter account.

Short legs , large amount of body mass and long torso

Eden Hazard is physiologically built to be an elite attacking force in a way that very few footballers are. His physique is markedly different to most top-level players. He is only 5ft 7in tall, but at 76kg, he is also heavier than the average right or left-backs.

What differentiates Hazard from just being small is that he has a large amount of body mass, which is all muscle, and short legs. He is on an equal ground in terms of mass with a lot of defenders, but because he is lower to the ground he can get up underneath the bigger guys. Hazard’s torso is long and his legs are disproportionately short. Most of his mass is therefore held in the lower half of his body, so that the all-important centre of gravity is driven down even further.

And Hazard’s glutes are so well developed that one fan even created a special Twitter account. Hazard runs with short strides, his feet staying close to the ground. It is the opposite to how sprinters are taught to run, but this way Hazard can take more touches of the ball at very high speed.

"I think I kicked the ball and not the boy. I apologize." Hazard.

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