Why next week’s El Clasico faces the risk of being postponed?

La Liga president Javier Tebas hopeful about league resumption in June
La Liga president Javier Tebas hopeful about league resumption in June

The Barcelona vs. Real Madrid clash was originally scheduled for October but had to be postponed due to the political unrest in the Catalonian city.

Barcelona’s high-stakes clash against Real Madrid, scheduled for December 18, faces the risk of being postponed after a communique released by Tsunami Democratic called for a protest outside the Camp Nou on the day of the El Clasico.

Goal.com has reported that the protest group has already set up gathering points around the iconic arena, with more than 18,000 of its followers saying that they would turn up to the event which would end just hours before the most anticipated games in world football is due to kick off.

The highly-anticipated game which attracts millions of viewers from around the world was originally scheduled for October 26 but had to be postponed after protests erupted across the Barcelona city following the jailing of nine high profile Catalonian independence members by the Spanish authorities.

However, while it was thought at the time that the inauguration of the fixture at a later date will cool tempers in the Catalonian region, the recent call to protest by Tsunami Democratic has once again thrown the future of El Clasico into doubt.

What Tsunami Democratic plans to do on day of El Clasico?

Will next weekend's El Clasico be postponed?
BARCELONA, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 10: A general view of the stadium prior to the La Liga match between FC Barcelona and Deportivo Alaves at Camp Nou stadium on September 10, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
it claims the repression of the Catalans.

The statement reads: ‘At the moment, a large part of the Catalan population suffers exclusion for reasons of ideology.

Catalans cannot exercise their fundamental rights without repression, nor can they exercise their rights to self-determination. Dozens of people are or have been in prison simply for exercising and promoting these rights.”

Other reports claim that in addition to making their voices heard outside the stadium, Tsunami Republic will also make their presence felt inside Camp Nou once the El Clasico kicks off.

The political protest group has also urged both Real Madrid and Barcelona to give their verdict on the issue and stated that the response of the clubs’ will determine the protest group’s response.


Lionel Messi verletzte sich beim 2:1-Heimerfolg des FC Barcelona in La Liga gegen den FC   Villarreal.

Why are Catalans protesting for months?

Protests might force El Clasico to be postponed
BARCELONA, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 11: A man with a Pro-independence Catalan flag painted on his head stands during a demonstration calling for independence during the Catalonia's National Day on September 11, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Thousands of Catalans took to the streets of Barcelona demanding a split from Spain and control of their own economy under the slogan 'Catalonia: New European State' on Catalonia's National Day. The Diada Nacional is held every September 11 to remember the defeat of the Catalan troops in 1714. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The protests kicked off in October followed a decision by Spanish court which jailed nine prominent leaders of the Catalan independence movement.  

All the nine leaders were sent behind bars for between nine and 13 years on charges of sedition – which, in plain English, means inciting their followers to rebel against the state.

The leaders who were jailed were initially arrested by the police for the role that they played in organizing the region’s 2017 independence bid that Spanish courts had already declared illegal.

Apart from Tsunami Democratic, other protest groups including the likes of Omnium Cultural and Nacional Catalana had organized the march which drew more than 350,000 protestors on the day when the El Clasico was originally scheduled to take place in October.

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