Klopp reveals players’ eagerness, Altidore opens up on Sunderland disaster and more

As the Premier League continues to battle its way back onto the pitch following a prolonged break, Jürgen Klopp reveals that his players can’t wait to return to action.

Liverpool are this year’s runaway leaders, with the Anfield side being the trendsetters in England’s top flight throughout much of the season. They are now only two wins away from being crowned as Premier League champions, having gone 30 years without lifting a league trophy.

Klopp, speaking to NBC Sportsrevealed that his players are itching to get back: “They’re already playing like little kids in their gardens at home, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing that move onto the football pitch as well.”

“But we also have a lot of physical work to do to get into shape, so we just have to try as hard we can to be prepared when the season starts again,” he added.

Klopp says Liverpool players are eager to get back on the pitch
Liverpool players are eager to return to playing, says Klopp. Copyright: imago images / Action Plus

Top News 2: 'The warning signs were there'

Altidore says he joined Sunderland out of financial reasons
Altidore says he made a mistake joining Sunderland. Copyright: imago images / Sportimage
Jozy Altidore spent 2 years at Wearside, managing just 1 goal in 42 Premier League appearances in a fruitless spell with the Black Cats, and he has now decided to open up on this experience.

Speaking to VICEthe U.S. national team centre-forward says the warning signs were there even before deciding to make the move to Sunderland, but the financial aspect of the deal made it impossible for him to refuse.

“It was a heartbreaking decision for me. There were so many things about this that did not smell right – from Sunderland not playing my type of football to my AZ advisors trying to to warn me that it might be a disaster, but in the end, the financial factors prevailed and my father wanted me to go to England because the contract was great.”

“If I had known how it would all turn out, I’d never make the move to Sunderland.”


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Top News 3: Jaap Stam gives his Ballon d'Or opinion

Jaap Stam picks Messi over Van Dijk
Former defender Jaap Stam thinks Messi was the deserved Ballon d'Or winner. Copyright: imago images / PA Images

The former Netherlands defensive stalwart has weighed in on this heated discussion, saying he has no qualms over Lionel Messi’s merits for the Ballon d’Or 2019. 

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Virgin Van Dijk were the trio that made their way onto the podium for last year’s biggest ceremony. Messi was the one that was awarded the Golden Ball for a record sixth time in his career.

A lot of people felt that Van Dijk was hard done by, with the Liverpool defender playing a key role in transforming his club into a Champions League winner. Former Manchester United and AC Milan legend Jaap Stam, however, has no doubts that the right decision was made on that night.

“The strikers are the ones that score goals and steal the show, the crowd will always turn their attention towards them, it’s how it is and how it’s always been. But if you look at Messi’s numbers and the consistency with which he is constantly delivering, you have to say he deserved to take the prize,” he explained to Goal.

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