LEMATCH: Soccer Match Day Video Preview 23. –26. January

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Dortmund vs. Köln

  • Dortmund have scored at least 2 goals in 24 of their last 25 home matches in the Bundesliga.
  • Cologne have won the last four Bundesliga matches. Both teams have won the first game of the second half of the season.
  • Borussia Dortmund are undefeated in their last 12 home matches against Köln in all competitions.

FC Bayern vs. Schalke 04

  • FC Bayern have won the last four matches in the Bundesliga and have scored at least two goals in each of them.
  • Schalke have failed to win the last 18 games against Bayern. FC Bayern have won the last six matches.
  • Schalke 04 have lost only one of their last 10 games in the Bundesliga.

Wolverhampton vs. Liverpool

  • Liverpool have scored at least 2 goals in 27 of their last 31 Premier League matches.
  • Liverpool have won their last 13 matches in the Premier League and kept a clean sheet in the last seven matches.
  • The Wolves are undefeated in 17 of their last 19 home matches in the Premier League.

Real Valladolid vs. Real Madrid

  • Real Madrid are undefeated in their last 11 matches in LaLiga.
  • Real Valladolid have failed to win the last eight matches in LaLiga and have drawn five of the last six matches.
  • Real Madrid are undefeated in their last 10 matches against Real Valladolid in all competitions.

Valencia vs. Barcelona

  • Barcelona have lost only three of their last 31 games against Valencia in all competitions.
  • Barcelona are undefeated in their last 9 matches in LaLiga.
  • Valencia have scored at least two goals in their last three matches against Barcelona in all competitions.

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