Pochettino’s Spurs affection, Podolski praises Arteta’s impact and more daily news

Not even a year has passed since his sacking, but former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has already revealed that one of his wishes is that he brings at least one piece of silverware in North London before he retires.

Pochettino was sacked as Spurs boss in November, with owner Daniel Levy acting quickly and replacing him with a controversial name in Jose Mourinho. The Argentine coach is largely credited with transforming Tottenham from also-rans to title-hopefuls during his reign in London.

During a video interview with BT Sport, he opened up on his experience there: “I still have a lot of affection for these fans and the club. It was an amazing journey and it didn’t finish the way it should. Be that as it may, I think that we will see each other again as I feel that the work that we started isn’t finished yet.”

“The messages I kept receiving even after my exit showed me how much affection and support I was blessed with, so maybe in 5 to 10 years, it will be possible to come back, who knows?”

Fingers crossed, Spurs fans!

The former Tottenham boss hopes for a North London return one day
Mauricio Pochettino enjoyed a great relationship with Spurs fans. Copyright: imago images / Focus Images

Top News 2: 'They look like a proper team now, thanks to Arteta'

More trouble potentially coming Arsenal’s way
Image Copyright: imago images / Action Plus
Former Germany and Gunners favorite Lukas Podolski has been largely impressed by what he has seen from Mikel Arteta during his short reign at the Emirates, and is optimistic for what the future holds for this team.

Mikel Arteta was appointed after Unai Emery’s turbulent 18 months in London as they found out that replacing Arsene Wenger is a no mean feat. Pep Guardiola’s former right-hand man has proven to be capable of the job thus far, with the Gunners having found both stability and form.

Lukas Podolski, who spent 3 years at Arsenal, has seen signs of encouragement and improvement from the team, stating that they now play for each other.

“I now see a team on the pitch, with loads of potential. Arsenal needs to regain its place among the top five teams in the world. We need to work harder and with Arteta I see them doing a wonderful job for years to come,” he told Adidas on Youtube.


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Top News 3: 'Cristiano is great, but El Fenomeno was on another level'

A former teammate of Cristiano says his Brazilian namesake was a more superior forward
Cristiano Ronaldo is not showing any signs of slowing down. Copyright: imago images / LaPresse

A former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo seems to prefer the legendary Brazilian namesake more, having shared a dressing room with both during his time at Inter and Manchester United.

Former French defender Mikael Silvestre described the legendary Brazilian Ronaldo as being “on another level” while comparing him with former Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. Having taken in spells with both the Italian and the English sides, he had the rare opportunity to get a good look at both players.

“I saw some incredible things with Ronaldo, he wasn’t called ‘El Fenomeno’ for nothing, and I also played against Messi and alongside Cristiano during my professional career, so this is saying something!”

“Cristiano, he is awesome, but there are a few tricks up his sleeve and that’s it, but R9 — he was inventing them as he went! Even when he was injured, he was still scoring goals with ease,” he reflected on Manchester United’s official website.

Which Ronaldo did you fell in love with, football fans?

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