Premier League suspended – All your questions answered

How coronavirus may impact the transfer window
The English top-flight has been suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus crisis

What are the after-effects of the Premier League’s decision to suspend all the fixtures of the English top-flight until April 3? Liga Live answers all the key questions.

Can the season be postponed further?

The answer to this question can be found by looking at Serie A. Two weeks ago, the football authorities in Italy, under guidelines from the government, suspended the games in the worst-hit areas of the country. The spread of the virus across the country since then has forced authorities there to put a blanket ban on all sporting activities until April 3.

Provided a similar coronavirus outbreak occurs in England in the coming days or weeks, the Premier League might well be forced to delay the resumption of football by weeks, or maybe months.

Can the season be canceled altogether?

Frankly speaking, no one knows.

However, with Euro 2020 set to kick off, if it does, in the summer, Premier League doesn’t have all the time in the world to keep on postponing the resumption of regular service. Nobody knows the duration of that time but, if the coronavirus situation doesn’t improve in the coming weeks, the chances of cancelation will undoubtedly go up.

Premier League suspended – Your questions answered

Premier League clubs lost £1bn due to COVID-19 last season
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Is anybody talking about canceling the season yet?

Apart from the football spectators who don’t wish to see Liverpool holding the trophy come the end of May, which includes pretty much everyone bar the Reds’ faithful, there isn’t as much as a whisper from the Premier League higher-ups about any plans that would declare the ongoing season null and void.

However, while the football governing authorities in England aren’t amenable to the idea of ​​voiding the season, yet, the Independent has reported that there is a small majority of Premier League teams that want the Premier League to declare the season null-and- void.

Why is the idea of ​​cancellation so controversial?

Let’s start from the bottom of the league to come up with an answer to this question. All three sides in the relegation zone – Bournemouth, Aston Villa, and Norwich City – will be the happiest in the land if the season is void, as that would mean they would stay up.

Understandably so, the extremely emotional Jurgen Klopp will express not much happiness in such a scenario. His Liverpool side is on the cusp of taking the first Premier League title to the Merseyside in 30 years. Only two wins separate them from the Holy Grail. But if the Premier League is declared void, all the effort his staff and his players have put in over the past season would go to waste.

So, the teams fighting for Champions League places who are not in the top-five will also resist the idea of ​​declaring the season void. Apart from the lure of rubbing their shoulders with the continent’s best, the financial hit that these clubs would take on missing out on the Champions League will also be difficult to digest.


Pep Guardiola Real Madrid - Manchester City

Premier League suspended – Your questions answered

What are the financial implications for the clubs if the season is canceled?

According to a report by the consultancy Deloitte, all the Premier League clubs made a combined 720m in match-day sales last season. That figure amounts to about 14% of the revenue the top-tier clubs collected from all sources in the 2018/19 campaign.

While a portion of that revenue will be naturally lost now that the season has been suspended for a month, it is meager once you compare the matchday revenue with the amount the top-flight clubs in England obtain from other avenues, including TV money.

Sky and BT Sport, two networks who broadcast the season in England, pay more than 1.3bn per year to the Premier League to get broadcasting rights. Now that the season has been canceled for a month, and with fans demanding BT and Sky to not deduct subscription fee for the coming month, no one could state with certainty what will happen of the TV revenue of Premier League clubs.

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