Premier League suspended until April 30 due to coronavirus

Premier League suspended until April 30

How coronavirus may impact the transfer window
The English top-flight has been suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus crisis

The decision was taken by the representatives of the English top flight during a meeting between Premier League clubs and officials on Thursday.

According to a statement issued after the representatives of English football sat together with the clubs on Thursday, the professional game has been suspended in the country until April 30.

It further claimed that the decision was taken to prioritize the health and welfare of supporters, staff and players in the current uncertain times.

The meeting party also vowed to follow the advice of the British Government and indicated the desire to review the situation as it evolves over the coming days.

Surprisingly, while the statement was unexpected, what many didn’t expect was that it would come less than a week after the Premier League suspended the top-flight until April 3rd.


Atalanta Valencia UEFA Champions League 2019/20
Atalanta Valencia Champions League 2019/20

FA set to relax its rules to help the season finish

Premier League clubs lost £1bn due to COVID-19 last season
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The statement further shed light on how the football higher-ups in the country plan to complete the season which many fear might be canceled altogether.

As per the FA’s Rules and Regulations, it is the duty of all involved to see the season reach its end point not later than the 1st of June.

However, as the statement put out at the end of today’s meeting shows, the Football Association is ready to relax its rules in order to help the currently halted season reach its conclusion.

It claimed that the meeting party has agreed that this limit would be indefinitely extended to solve the problem which, if left unresolved, could cost both the clubs and the league billions of dollars in fines and revenue losses.

How the Premier League plans to complete the season?

As we have reported in these pages before, several Premier League clubs have hatched a plan which they believe would help the ongoing season reach its completion.

The plan which was to be submitted at today’s meeting called for all the remaining games to be organized behind closed doors in the Midlands.

It further put forward a suggestion that to end the fixture pile-up, every club should be asked to play no less than two games every three days.

Premier League faces a gigantic fine of 750m from Sky Sports and BT Sport if the ongoing season is declared null and void.

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