Premier League Vs Bundesliga Vs La Liga: Which European league will lose the most money if the 19/20’ season is suspended?

Football remains suspended across most of Europe

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The English top-flight has been suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus crisis

Although April and May have traditionally been the most active months in European football, coronavirus has brought all the activities to a halt.

According to figures from UEFA’s Club Licensing Benchmarking Report for the financial year 2018, the Premier League is hit the hardest due to the suspension of football by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The report states that the English top-flight made more money in total gate receipts (€723m) than both La Liga as well as Bundesliga in the year it was prepared. The Spanish top-division clubs accrued €555m in total gate receipts in the financial year 2018, whereas their counterparts in Germany racked in €511m.

Top clubs across Europe, despite drawing the most crowds due to their international stature and modern arenas, aren’t hit quite as hard with the closure of stadiums than the clubs at the bottom of the table as matchday earnings provide the vital week-to-week cash flow that keeps smaller clubs running.


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Premier League is losing the most money due to the virus

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In addition to losing the most money in gate receipts, Premier League clubs also risk losing a substantial chunk of their revenue which they’d otherwise have earned from TV rights.

The £1.3bn deal that Sky Sports, BT Sports and international broadcasters signed with the Premier League before the start of this season was valid if the 2019/20 campaign reached its conclusion, a scenario which seems difficult to imagine now.

Provided the season doesn’t reach its conclusion, all the broadcasters who have already paid £761m for the remaining games might ask the English top-flight to give them back their money.

Similar is the case in both German as well as Spain. All clubs in the Spanish first and second division risk losing €549m from TV broadcast rights if the season isn’t completed. The Bundesliga clubs are looking at Sky Deutschland that is yet to make a final payment of €304m to German top-flight clubs.

Potential loss of TV revenue will also hit Premier League the hardest

Since it forms 53% of the €5.4b annual revenue that clubs in the English top flight generate, the loss of TV revenue will hit Premier League the hardest.

Spanish clubs are no less shielded from the fallout of the season being potentially suspended, as they risk losing 42% of their €3.1bn annual revenue that comes directly from TV broadcasting rights.

The teams in Bundesliga – who get 34% of their annual revenue of €3.2bn from selling TV rights – could also face a financial crunch if the remaining games of the season aren’t played.

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