Push Notifications on LigaLive.net

Fast, direct, free of charge! How to get Football Top News by Push on your Smartphone

Do you always want to know what is going on at your club and in national or international football?  Then you should use the Push-News from LIGALIVE and register for our service.

This is how you get the instant messages on your smartphone or PC that interest you. And it’s free, without registration and without downloading a special App.

You can choose which topics interest you – and which not. All you have to do is choose your favorite themes.

Screenshot of the selection page: https://cleverpush.com/de/app/channel/nJhzxPSyf7cN3iBGr/settings/optin

Example: You can subscribe to push notifications for all three categories if you’re interested in news, deals or live coverage. Kindly check all categories if you are interested in the overall offer (our recommendation).

However, you can subscribe or unsubscribe later by going to LIGALIVE on your PC or laptop and click on the bell at the bottom right of the screen. The tab “Settings” allows you to manage your topics comfortably at any time.

If you’re on the move with your smartphone and want to manage your LIGALIVE push subscriptions, you can do it HERE.