Revealed – How coronavirus may impact the transfer window

FIFA has come up with a plan

How coronavirus may impact the transfer window
The English top-flight has been suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus crisis

Owners, players, and staff associated with football clubs are expected to take a financial hit after coronavirus brought the sport to a grinding halt earlier this month.

FIFA is going to convince clubs to a proposal that will see the summer transfer window remaining open as far as January, reports Telegraph.

Experts are predicting that with the coronavirus placing a strain on the financial resources of clubs, spending on transfers is expected to fall in the next transfer window.

The evaporation of matchday revenue, money generated from merchandize sales and broadcasting rights risks sending clubs in the lower leagues in a financial meltdown.

Several clubs have mooted proposals to limit the monetary impact of the ongoing suspension of leagues by asking the players to take a pay cut voluntarily. However, nobody is sure how the players or the bodies that represent that are going to respond to the plea.


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One of the reasons FIFA wants the club to agree to the proposal is to keep money flowing through football at a time when its scarcity is threatening the very existence of some clubs.

FIFA believes that having an extended transfer window might see the clubs spending big after the ongoing total break from football.

The world football governing body is aware that several clubs, most notably Birmingham among them, have already asked their players for wage deferrals.

But it is still hopeful that the market will see a flurry of activity from the wealthiest clubs in the world, with those at the bottom of the football pyramid not expected to be busy in the transfer window.

FIFA set up a working group to assess the impact on transfers

The news that FIFA are looking to expand the transfer window has come barely a week after it set up a working group to determine the potential impact of COVID-19 on transfers.

An announcement by the world football governing body claimed last week that the FIFA-Confederations working group will assess whether any amendments to FIFA regulations are necessary to protect both the players and clubs in this time of uncertainty.

The working group will also assess whether a potential support fund should be established to help clubs most affected by the pandemic. Issues like adjusting the registration periods of players, as well as the competition calendar, will also come under the spotlight during its discussions.

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