Revealed – Top footballers who are helping authorities fight the coronavirus pandemic

Footballers are coming forward

latest on Lionel Messi’s Barcelona exit clause
The Argentine will most likely stay at the Camp Nou for at least one more year (Image Copyright: imago images / PanoramiC PacoLargo / Panoramic)

With the pandemic affecting millions around the globe, several footballers have come forward to help the authorities fighting the virus.

The COVID-19 has spread to over 190 countries across the globe, with over 150,000 people contracting the virus and more than 15,000 reported deaths.

People who aren’t a part of essential services are either working from home or not working at all, as several small and big enterprises have laid off employees after facing the economic crunch.

But not all is doom and gloom in these troubling times as there have been several heart-warming gestures from the biggest stars in football to help those who are in urgent need of it.

Some of the footballing stars have been doing all they can to help the overwhelmed authorities in their fight to stop the spread of the virus by making wonderful gestures. Read on to know more them.


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How are footballers helping authorities fight the COVID-19?

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Here’s how football players from across Europe are helping their countries and communities to tackle this virus:

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese superstar has joined his forces with his agent Jorge Mendes as the duo is financing three intensive care units in Portugal treating the patients of the virus. Daily Mail reports that the player-agent do are planning to help two hospital wards in Lisbon and one in Porto with beds and ventilators.

It has been reported that the monetary value of the donation exceeds £1m, as the chairman of the hospital in Lisbon and the president of the Santa Maria hospital in Portugal have confirmed that the duo is helping them fight the virus.

Lionel Messi

With Catalonia being one of the most affected regions in Spain, Lionel Messi has teamed up with former Barcelona manager and current Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola to donate over €1m towards the region’s fight against coronavirus.

India Today reports that the Argentine superstar is also helping patients in his native country, where he is financing a medical center. Guardiola, meanwhile, has made a donation of €1m to the Angel Solar Daniel Foundation and Medical College of Barcelona.

Wilfried Zaha

The Crystal Palace and Ivory Coast star has offered to open up 50 of his co-owned company’s properties in London to the NHS staff. Zaha is a co-owner of ZO properties that offered rental accommodation to business travelers in Aldgate, Shoreditch and Notting Hill.

Here’s how the 27-year-old urged health workers to reach out:

Toby Alderweireld

The Tottenham center-half has pledged to donate tablets to nursing homes and hospitals during the pandemic in an effort to make sure that the sick people stay in touch with their loved ones during the ongoing pandemic.

That is an incredible gesture as several nursing homes and hospitals have restricted the interactions of their residents with friends and family, a necessary action as elderly people are one of the most at-risk groups.

Alisson Becker

Liverpool and Brazil shot-stopper Alisson Becker has made himself a part of the World Health Organization’s ‘Pass the message to kick our coronavirus’ campaign, which includes 28 current and former players.

It encourages people to not touch their faces, maintain physical distance, wash hands, adopt coughing etiquette, and stay home if feeling unwell.

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