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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva caught in 2nd racism storm

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva caught in 2nd racism storm

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has been caught in a 2nd racism storm in less than a month, as per the Daily Mail

In a newly emerged video in which Silva can be seen talking to his teammate Benjamin Mendy, the Portuguese can be seen asking why Mendy was naked when the later was dressed in black, a troubling gesture towards his race.

The video, which has become viral on the Internet over the  past couple of days, was published on Silva's Instagram account when Manchester City were visiting America as a part of their 2018 pre-season tour.

Even before the emergence of this video, the Portuguese was already accused of racial stereotyping by the relevant authorities. Under question was a tweet of Bernardo Silva in which he had compared Mendy to a colored mascot of a Spanish confectionary brand, Conguitos.

The Portuguese faces a hefty fine and a potential ban if the Football Association finds him guilty on the charge of racial stereotyping.The video which could land the former AS Monaco midfielder in hot water with the football authorities was recorded during Man City's pre-season tour of America last year and was later on posted on Silva's official Instagram account. 

The video starts with Silva coming out of what appears to be the Manchester City team bus and telling those watching that he had just “seen a World Cup Champion completely naked”, a reference to Benjamin Mendy who moments later entered the video.

On encountering his teammate, Silva makes the troubling remark which could see him getting banned for a certain period of time. He said: “Ben, why are you not wearing any clothes?” Even though the left-back was wearing a black shirt at the time.After Silva admitted regret for his tweet in question, he was defended by both Mendy and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, with the latter claiming that Silva is an exceptional person and the tweet was “just a joke”. 

“It was a simple joke but if someone is offended I can understand it,” Guardiola said. “Bernardo is maybe going to take a lesson and it's not going to happen again.”

After Silva's tweet made the headlines, Mendy, who has been at the receiving end of such crude jokes, wrote a letter to the Football Association claiming that he wasn't offended by his teammate's tweet, though the Frenchman's reaction to the above mentioned video is yet to be seen.

The left-back knows Silva well and both of them have been friends back from their playing days in France, when they both played for AS Monaco in Ligue 1.

It remains to be seen what the Football Association makes of Mendy's letter. If they find Silva guilty, the Portuguese might be banned for up to six games under the new anti-racism rules. [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row =__name] “Trending:” taxonomy = “post_tag”] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row] [/ vc_section]

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