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Multilingual Mbappé: How Kylian communicates with his international teammates in Spanish

Kylian Mbappe might be French, and he might play for PSG. But did you know that this talented young Frenchman actually speaks Spanish? According to news stories from his Spanish-speaking teammates, Mbappe speaks it ‘fluently’. And with PSG having so many Spanish-speaking players on the roster, we’d imagine this comes in handy. Of course, his preferred language is no doubt French, but it’s fairly impressive that he can speak both. 

While we are sure that the Spanish-speaking players are making an effort to speak French unless they know it already. But still, things must be considerably easier given that one of the main guys on the team speaks their native tongue. And on that note, we’d like to give a bit of a background on what those players have said about Mbappe’s Spanish skills. 

Mbappe – is he really that good at Spanish?

The short answer is yes. Not bad for a 22-year-old who has never played in Spain, right? So on that note, let’s take a look at some of the PSG players that have paid tribute to Mbappe’s multilingual abilities.

Lionel Messi

Messi is one of the most significant players at the club. Of course, he joined PSG for the 21/22 season. And Messi himself will admit that one of his big fears about coming to Paris was the French language. This is a pretty common concern of any players that make an international move. Just look at guys like Gareth Bale moving to Real Madrid – he never really overcame the language barrier. But coming back to Messi now, he stated that one of the things that made his move easier was having friends in the dressing room.

PSG has quite a few Spanish-speaking players, several of which are actually from Argentina. But in the case of Mbappe, Messi has stated that he speaks ‘perfect Spanish’. This has reportedly bolstered their relationship on and off the pitch. And since they are two of PSG’s starting strikers, we imagine this might be quite awesome when communicating during games.

Pablo Sarabia

At the time of writing, Sarabia has been loaned out to Sporting CP until June 2022. But prior to his move, Sarabia has stated that Mbappe sometimes replies to him in Spanish – perfectly. This echoes Messi’s praise for Mbappe’s levels of Spanish too, but this one has a funnier twist. Sarabia actually communicates with Mbappe in French where possible, yet Mbappe likes to practice Spanish and reply in that language. Sarabia has even been quoted as saying that he was shocked when Mbappe did this for the first time.

But with Sarabia currently being out on loan, we wouldn’t have thought they get the chance to have such engagements too often right now. 

Neymar Jr

Here we have another fun one! When Neymar moved to PSG a few years back, of course, he would then be training and playing alongside Mbappe. At the time, and even currently, Neymar’s command of English isn’t fantastic. And we are fairly sure that he didn’t speak a word of French when he arrived in Paris! Needless to say, that would create quite a barrier when communicating with a guy like Mbappe. He also had limited English when Neymar joined, so we’d imagine things were a little strange at the beginning.

Here’s where it gets interesting. With Neymar having spent a lot of time in Spain, obviously at Barcelona, the two decided to converse in Spanish. Neymar speaks Portuguese, being from Brazil, and inherently he understands Spanish with the languages being so similar. Mbappe then decided to start speaking to Neymar in Spanish, and that’s how the two conversed for the longest time. 

According to reports, they eventually started to communicate in a mix of Spanish and French. But now that Messi has joined their elite strikeforce, many people say that the three now speak in Spanish only. Of course, this likely isn’t the case when there are other players around who don’t understand what’s being said. 

Other players his multilingual skills will help with

As stated earlier, PSG is a team with plenty of Spanish-speaking players. Currently, guys like di Maria, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Rico, and Ander Herrera are all on the roster. Naturally, they won’t all speak great French. And while English is often used as the common language between international players, Mbappe’s command of Spanish will no doubt help him to build great relationships with these guys. 

This will also transition well onto the pitch, where communication is somewhat critical!

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