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Is online betting legal in Germany? What you should know

Online gambling has been a part of society for many years and Germany has been known to be home to some platforms. In this article, we will inform you of everything you need to know about the various laws and platforms available to you there. Continue reading if you are interested!

Is Online Betting Legal in Germany?

Until recently that question would have a very different answer because for many years Germany's laws restricted any kind of gambling. The only options were international operators, same as in the USA before the PASPA was deemed unlawful.

On July 21st, the new State Treaty on Gambling was put into play. It isn't as ideal as providers would have wanted it to be and it has many rules providers need to follow. The first and main point of the treaty is preventing gambling addiction and they will mainly focus on that while offering domestic and foreign providers the chance to offer people a legal place to play online and not on the black market.

We don't know how many people in the country gamble illegally at the moment, so we can't predict how much the gambling industry may bring in now that they are legal.

As it should be, online gambling is still limited to only those providers who have a permit from the state authority. It is illegal if a provider doesn't have a permit to operate in a specific state. Any provider that isn't following the guidelines and rules of the treaty, for example, promoting gambling may lose their permit (license).

nline betting legal in Germany

Which Forms of Online Gambling are Legal Right Now?

The question “Is online betting legal in Germany?” is very popular since the signing of the treaty into law. Right now, there are extraordinary conditions when it comes to internet gambling and to get a license, the provider has to prove that they are operating one of the following forms of gambling:

  • Lotteries
  • Sports betting
  • Horse betting
  • Virtual slot machine games
  • Online poker
  • Online casino games

These are the only forms of gambling that are legal in Germany after the State Treaty on Gambling was put into law in 2021. There are specific conditions all providers must comply with if they want to have and keep their license, like the fact that there can't be the rapid repetition of the games, credits are prohibited, no minors allowed, no promoting of any gambling, etc.

What are the Special Requirements Related to Sports Betting Providers?

Wagering on sports alongside online poker and virtual slot machines is subject to special requirements. These requirements aren't necessarily that bad, but some operators would have a tough and long time until they can change their product to fit Germany's rules.

For example, the law requires separate accounting for transactions in Germany and the EU. Also, they need to provide real-time auditing for all transactions by the supervisory authority in the specific state. They also need to prove that everyone involved hasn't operated prohibited gambling in the past.

After a provider receives permission to operate in the country, they are obligated to regularly provide reports to the supervisory authority. If anything isn't as it was when the permit was issued, the authority has the right to revoke the issued permit.

What is Special Regarding Player Accounts in Germany?

The new law is mostly following international standards when it comes to player accounts, like following the same registration and verification processes, but the new thing is that all players from Germany have to abide by a monthly limit.

They can't deposit more than €1,000 into their accounts per month. This limit is for all providers, which means that once the supervisory authority sets up the communication between the different providers, they will monitor how much a certain person deposits across all platforms. For example, if you are registered to Site A in Germany and deposited €800 this month, you won't be able to deposit more than €200 into their account at Site B or Site C.

This is one of the parts of the treaty that has already had a lot of criticism from the gambling industry regarding data protection mainly. There is also the fact that people gambling in state-owned casinos don't have the same limit as those who would gamble on the internet.

nline betting legal in Germany

What is Different About Sports Betting in Germany?

The answer to the question “Is online betting legal in Germany?” isn't the same as in other countries where sports betting is legal. For example, you are prohibited from:

  • Betting on irregular behaviour
  • In-play betting that doesn't relate to the final result
  • Placing bets on the next goal except in a few sports

According to these regulations betting markets such as the next goal in sports where many points are scored, like basketball and American football are prohibited. Also, betting on the red cards in soccer matches isn't possible because they believe it will lead to manipulation. In-play bets are only going to be permitted if they are related to the final result. So, as we said the answer to the “Is online betting legal in Germany?” question is quite different.

Is Online Betting Legal in Germany? – Sportsbooks to Consider

As long as a sportsbook takes into consideration all the laws and goes by them, they have permission to operate from Germany, as well, not only internationally. There are some sportsbooks, like Bwin, Net Bet, and Twin, but until now they have had to operate under international licenses. Now that the new gambling law is in place, we will wait and see which sports betting operators would receive licenses in Germany and if they will be home-grown or international names people are familiar with. And if you are based here in the UK, we have a list curated with the top betting sites available in the market.

Final Conclusion Regarding Online Sports Betting in Germany

There is a lot of change happening in recent years involving Germany and its laws. The answer to the question “Is online betting legal in Germany?” isn't the same as it was back in 2011 or 2016 when significant changes were made regarding this subject. We are waiting to see which sportsbooks would get a permit in which state to operate legally in the location, so we can give you more information about the specific bets, offers, and features available.

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